Maggie S. Rezende, CLC

Maggie Rezende was born and raised in Spain, therefore; fluent in both English/Spanish. She is the mother of Jake, an active 6 year old who is now in kindergarten.  Even before the birth of her son, she understood the importance of breastfeeding. Children’s healthy habits start from the moment we lay eyes on them and last a life time. She holds a background in nutrition and understands that breast milk is the best chance he had at being and staying healthy for years to come. Maggie believes family support and love are some of the most important components that make this cycle spin in perfect balance.

Maggie competes in Crossfit and triathlons and is an avid runner in the community.   Being an athlete is not only about being fit, it’s about discipline, commitment and heart.  Those three little words are so important when raising a child and being a family; she has no doubt her background has led her to the person she is today.  Maggie teaches her son that the outdoors is anything from a playing field to the place he can be free and spiritual. Through her personal experiences and passion for breastfeeding, nutrition and exercise, she realizes educating and helping mothers through these wonderful years is exactly where she wants to be.  She and her husband, Duane, reside in Kendall, Florida.

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