Faith B. Ploude only accepts fee for service at the time of consultation. I am not a provider with any insurance company nor do I bill of insurance reimbursement.  All clients will be given a super bill/invoice and instructions for filing for insurance reimbursement. Coverage for lactation services are determined by your individual insurance plan. If your insurance policy covers the cost of lactation services, they will reimburse you. It is the responsibility of the client to seek insurance reimbursement. No guarantees are made for insurance reimbursement.

The Family Collection (TFC) does not bill your insurance company. 

1       We recommend a physician’s referral. The patient’s physician should write a script referring to Faith B. Ploude, for lactation consultation.  Date of service should be the same as the lactation      receipt or the baby’s date of birth.

2     Called your insurance provider to find out if lactation consultation is covered under your plan. 

 3     For Faith B. Ploude you may need to file a claim for “network deficiency”.

 4    When you submit your claim, attach the TFC insurance form/invoice, physician’s referral, and any other documentation that your insurance company requires.

 5    Mail original paperwork according to your insurer’s instructions.

6   Keep copies of all receipts, claim forms, referral scripts, etc. for your records and mark on your calendar when the claim was mailed in.

7     It takes about 45 to 60 days to get back to you. Most insurance companies will a call or send a letter in the mail explaining approval and coverage for Lactation in-home visits with your requested lactation consultant.

 8      Breastfeeding is a national preventative healthcare agenda in this the United States. The US Surgeon’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends insurance reimburse for the services of IBCLCs.

 9     Don’t stop with a ‘NO’ from the first person you speak with, request to speak to their supervisor and continue up the ladder if need be.  The squeaky wheel is the wheel that gets oiled.  If you want reimbursement, you may have to fight for it. 

For more information regarding insurance reimbursement for lactation services,

Insurance Not Accepted - Fee for Service Only​