Why do the words look different?

Helping Dad fix the tire

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles

Washington Fall

Picture perfect

Who is behind those Foster Grants?

Cheerleader in the making

Let's here it for Black Beans.

We ALL love ice cream

Double trouble

Best teething toy ever

If you have seen 1 apple you have seen them all.

Wake up Mommy!

I love getting messy

First day at school. 

This is HARD work!

Yes for Turkey Day!

Greetings from Russia

YUM sweet potatoes.

Never to young to read!

When you are a twin, Daddy time is the best 

Yes you can!!!  This mother had to buy a second freezer.

I love my Daddy

Boy I am cute

Best friends

Mother's Love

Finally Daddy time.

I did it all by myself!

This one sounds just right! 

​Gator Fan

Today avocados, tomorrow NFL!

​You caught me

Even at 6 wks one can enjoy atmospere

Yea a PARTY!

I have the best Dad

I KNOW it is in here!