Never to young to read!

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles

Washington Fall

Yes you can!!!  This mother had to buy a second freezer.

First day at school. 

Cheerleader in the making

Let's here it for Black Beans.

We ALL love ice cream

Double trouble

Even at 6 wks one can enjoy atmospere

I did it all by myself!

​Gator Fan

Mother's Love

Finally Daddy time.

Wake up Mommy!

Boy I am cute

Greetings from Russia

YUM sweet potatoes.

I KNOW it is in here!

Picture perfect

Why do the words look different?

Helping Dad fix the tire

Today avocados, tomorrow NFL!

I love getting messy

Who is behind those Foster Grants?

I love my Daddy

Best teething toy ever

If you have seen 1 apple you have seen them all.

Best friends

Yea a PARTY!

I have the best Dad

This one sounds just right! 

When you are a twin, Daddy time is the best 

​You caught me

This is HARD work!

Yes for Turkey Day!