"Parenting is hard work, remember the goal is to build a relationship."

​"Stay cool under pressure, children are watching!"  

"Social isolation works, children thrive on parent's attention."
"Use ice cold carrots and celery stalks for teething babies, kids love them and will chew them all the time."
"Do your best to follow your babies cues about when to increase the amount of solids, and take care to ensure that breastmilk remains baby's primary source of nutrition for the first year." 

"Don’t worry if they don't eat a balanced meal every day. They may eat pasta all day one day and meat all day another, but by the end of the week, they will have eaten a balanced diet."

"Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!"

The following are sayings that Faith uses to encourage and teach mothers:

"Always read and respond to your baby's cues, you know your baby better than anyone!"
"No baby is 100% breastfeed until their due date. Some babies take time to learn the art of breastfeeding."

"Pacifier use; once breastfeeding is going well or when your baby is 1 pound over birth weight and only after a feeding"

"Don't let the baby cry any more than their weight in minutes."
How long do I try to get my baby to latch-on?  "Your baby's weight in minutes."