Telemedicine video calls... 
Thank you so much Faith!!! We are over the moon to have her at home with us!!!! I am so very grateful to you for helping me figure out how to feed Ella, switching sides as soon as she stops swallowing worked miracles and I also felt so much calmer about everything after taking to you!!! I appreciate it so much!!   Love Hannah from Canada 

Would hugely appreciate your advice!!!  I hate the very though of switching him to formula now....Many-many thanks and kind regards,  Irina from Moscow

Faith's help with my second child was invaluable.   Our video conversation before her birth was a great refresher and she gave very practical tips for adjusting my older daughter to our new addition.  Faith also got me through day 3 (when my milk came in) with a phone conversation to assist w/engorgement.  Now my daughter  is latching/breastfeeding like a champ thanks to you, Faith!!    Christine
Thank you so much for this information and for taking the time to help me yesterday.  It is great to know that, even though we are thousands of miles away, you are still there to help me through now my third baby.  You have to love modern technology! I am sure we will be in touch again. Christie from Switzerland

We did not know where to turn until our friend from Miami told us to call you.  Working with us from Seattle gave use just enough self confidence to turn around our breastfeeding!  Amanda 

Thanks for all the help and advice.  I was so great to see you from Germany.  Hilda

Appreciated the call - we felt it was very valuable and worthwhile, and it gave us the refresher (prenatal) we needed.  Rachel

Breastfeeding went well thank you for teaching me well with the first baby. I need some help and review for my 6 month old with starting solids. Thank you for offering the video call what a great option!  Maria G.

Prenatal classes...
 On day 4 my milk finally came in and we are doing great.  He's an eating machine.   We are averaging 2 to 2 and half hours between feedings. I would like to thank you. Your class has helped me a lot. I know that if I have any question. I for sure will not hesitate to call or email. Maria A.

Thank you so very much for meeting with us yesterday. It was a pleasure getting the opportunity to take in the wealth of knowledge you had to offer, and I am so grateful to have you in my arsenal of support during this new exciting stage in our lives. Thank you once again, and I look forward to seeing you again once our little peanut is born! Have a wonderfully blessed week, Viviana

Text messages...   
He's already latching on ... Thanks to your techniques! As always, I couldn't done this w/o U.  The knowledge is invaluable. Naomi 


Phone calls...
I had my first daughter seven years ago in Miami. Faith was a strong presence in our lives as she helped us through every moment, big and small. I sat next to her week after week and learned all I thought I needed to know about raising a baby. Little did I know how different each child could be. I now live across the country in Los Angeles, and Faith has been, yet again, a huge help in our lives. With the birth of my second and now my third babies, I have called/texted Faith several times with various questions and concerns and she always has the answer and is worth every penny. Distance is not an issue, as she literally is "just a phone call away." Thank you Faith for continuing to help my family thrive...even from afar!    Lisa, California            

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help with my engorgement. Having the knowledge and the compassion to help a stranger will make you very special in my life.  My baby is now nursing better than I could have hoped.  Claire from Harare, Zimbabwe 

You helped me when my son was a baby and now your advise is invaluable as he is developing into a strong toddler.  Thank you again for all your help with starting solids and POTTY TRAINING. I am so glad that I have you as an international resource   Elizabeth from England

Thanks for the weaning advice.  I could not get a straight or clear answer from the local experts.  Thank you for your straight forward style.  Boston

 Living in Canada and with all the support nationally with breastfeeding, I believed there would be no problem.  After several using different community sources my sore nipples were still hurting me.  I could not believe your could help me over the phone did it.  Rebecca

How did I know you would be able to pin point the issues with temper tantrums with one phone call. You truly are "Miami's Baby Whisper'.  Adriana

Side-bar, Faith, honestly, if it wasn't for you, I would have honestly given up on breastfeeding a long time ago. I kept all of the handouts you gave back in 2010 in the child-birthing class and when I was at my lowest point, (nipples inverted, dried, cracked, peeling, bleeding, sore, and baby screaming at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night), I was able to get through by thinking of you, your advise, your classes, and reading through your pamphlets. ...I wish I was already back in the USA where I'd have "easier access" to you ^_^; but luckily I was able to bring a little bit of you with me to help me though these first few months. So, to sum up my some-what long-winded, run-on paragraph...THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me even though we are sooo far apart. Terry From Panama  

Office visits...

She gave me the education and the courage to parent my children in a way that I can always be proud of. No matter what happens, I know that I have given my children the best start in life I could. Having twins brings its own unique joys and challenges. Faith's advice was always right on target. For example, when my twins were about 12 months old, they started to fight with one another. One baby had a toy and the other one wanted it. What is a parent to do? Protect the weaker child? No, Faith informed me that it will just turn her into a victim. Let them fight their own battles and unless they are hurting each other, don't get involved. That gem has really shaped my relationship with my children so that I am not the referee and they have learned to negotiate with each other and work out their own issues - techniques that will serve them throughout their lives. Thank you Faith for being there for all Mommies you have helped. We love you. Rachel

When I gave birth to my daughter, I thought I could take on the world. Little did I realize at the time that the philosophy of it "taking a village to raise a child" was entirely true. Thankfully, Faith was a member of my "village." She was always there with hands-on help, advice, suggestions, or just encouragement. She has helped my family get through everything from eating, teething, sleeping, and everything in between. We no longer live in Miami, but everyday, as my baby questions have become toddler questions, I ask myself, "what would Faith say?" Despite the distance, she still helps and is still available whenever I need her. My past 2 years would have been entirely different and much more difficult if Faith wasn't a part of our lives. Because of her help and Faithisms, my daughter is healthy and happy and is growing into a wonderful little girl with a happy and sane mommy!- Lisa and Alex

You've taught me so much about the psyche of a child, an area I knew absolutely nothing about.  Had it not been for you, and also the books you kept recommending we read, I would have not known how to handle the nuances of an infant turned 3 yrs old. Every single day I use the principles that are now ingrained in me to show Mia love, understanding and discipline.  She is a tremendous child because of it, and I am a better mother.  I am so thankful to you, too.  Yours,  Aruna (and Mia).

You are worth taking the time! If it wasn't for you, I would've given up on giving my baby the best! You are such an amazing person! Thanks for all your help!    Roxy    PS: baby Sophia sends you a big kiss

"For the first 4 months of my son's life, he nursed constantly, rarely slept and I had no success pumping. I was committed to breastfeeding, but I was exhausted!  His father and grandparents weren't comfortable watching him without milk on hand. I was unable to run to the store or go exercise without my avid nurser in toe and I couldn't even think about returning to work or taking some alone time for say, a nap. Everything changed when I met Faith!   H & M

In one consultation Faith helped me figure out how to properly use my pump and effectively express milk! She gave me great advice and specific instructions so I could get a stash built up and continue nursing my little one.My son is now 6 months and happily takes a bottle from his Dad and Grandmother. I've since returned to regular yoga classes and my practice. I am a family wellness Chiropractor and can assure you, Faith knows her stuff! She has been available for a variety of different questions I've had about pumping, nursing and pretty much everything baby! I'm so happy to have found Faith and so grateful for her knowledge and services! I can't recommend her enough, every new mom needs a resource like Faith!" - Dr. Amanda Halstead, Chiropractor

It would have been simply unthinkable to nurse my son past his second birthday had it not been for the amazing support and inspiring insights of Faith. She has enriched my family's lives in so many ways.  Forever grateful, Monica

Home Visits...
I just wanted to let you know that Kyle and I are still going strong breast feeding!! Can you believe it??! And it is all thanks to you. We would never have been able to have enjoyed this experience without you. I want to tell everyone even though it can seem impossible at first, with the right help, it can become so easy. And by far, nursing has been the best part of the mothering experience. I also appreciate your follow up.  Thank you so much for being there for us in this very special time. We will always appreciate you!! Karen

 Thank you so much for your help in getting us prepared for ALL this new happiness we've got now. We've already been sharing info about you and your (prenatal) class.Leland, Samantha and Kalia

I just wanted to thank you for your support. Between my increasing freezer stash and the amount of milk I am pumping each day-I will definitely make it to my 6 month goal of having my twins EBF....and hopefully quite a bit longer! I appreciate you answering my numerous questions and helping me to succeed in meeting my goal.  Meredith

I found the visit quite helpful and feel better about what I *can* do versus what I *can't* do and a lot less guilty for supplementing.  That relieved a lot of stress.  The pumping suggestions were helpful too.  Glad we called you,  M and M

I can't thank you enough for your help in my first few weeks of motherhood as I worked through learning how to breastfeed Max and embrace the experience.  Having found it challenging at first and somewhat physically draining, it was a breath of fresh air to have you come to our home and patiently help us with everything from practicing positions that were more comfortable, switch nursing (which helped keep Max awake to eat a full feeding...hence keeping him from cluster feeding all day long!) to teaching me how to use the pump to prepare for when I return to work after my maternity leave.  Most importantly you helped me change my perspective to a much more positive one and reminded me that nursing could be a special time for me to spend with Max and bond with him.  I now cherish each feeding!  Davina

 I actually ran into an old friend of mine yesterday at Babies R Us.  I believe they took a (prenatal) lactation class with you and you are scheduled to see them at their house when baby is born. I am so glad that they have met you. We told them that your advices are priceless!  Nathalie

With all the external pressure to formula feed our first baby when it was a struggle to establish breastfeeding, we can say without hesitation that Faith is the reason our 2 year old  was breastfed for almost one year. She made the impossible seem manageable and then easy. Faith has now twice placed a crucial role in the lives of our daughters. We called her early when our second daughter was born and again her expertise along with her loving approach makes it possible for our second daughter to also get the gift of being breastfed.  T & J Miami

Client Testimonials: